Educational Outreach

Shakespeare Walla Walla provides professional Shakespearian theater and youth theater education to Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon residents and visitors. Each year, Shakespeare Walla Walla presents approachable and entertaining productions of Shakespeare’s plays that are family friendly, enjoyable, and accessible. 

The education component of Shakespeare Walla Walla continues to grow both in geographic reach and numbers of participants, and its scope ranges from art, drama, and theater production to dance, language arts, and music. Qualified volunteers travel to areas where they can engage young people in the most under-served areas of the region with fun and interactive exercises designed to explore our common humanity.

Youth programs not only develop literary and performance-based skills, but also nurture skills that serve youth throughout their lives, including listening and responding, public speaking, self-presentation, diction and enunciation, relaxation techniques, physical and emotional self-assessment, self-discipline, and teamwork. Shakespeare can be used to address moral questions and philosophical concepts. Whether it is team building, cultural enrichment, philosophical insights into the human condition or just plain fun, Shakespeare provides an excellent addition to a young person’s education.

For more information, contact Shakespeare Walla Walla Education.

Would you like to support our Education Program? 

From our signature four-day intensive "Living with Shakespeare" program which brings Shakespeare alive in the classroom, to anti-bullying workshops to our summer theater camps, we are always striving to enrich the minds of our local student populations. Your gift will go directly towards bringing Shakespeare and the arts to local young people.